Fail to connect i-device to 3utools

Your favorite ios customizing software is the 3utools now comes with wonderful tools ever you want. You can install this application to your computer easily. No need any registration keys, license files. This is totally free to you. so don’t be fail to connect idevice to 3utools

Due to some rare issues you may not be able to connect your i-device to the 3utools. That means you have connect your i-device physically using USB cable. But 3utools software is not aware of that.  

In such case you may be disappointed. So here are some easy ways to solve those issues. You need not to be an expert to fix them. 

Before doing all you should have latest version of 3utools. So you can download it using this

How to fix idevice not connect to 3utools.

Before all, if you are with 3utools already then you can check and confirm that you are with the latest update.

First open 3utools on the computer and then connect your i-device with USB cable.

But 3utools does not support and remain with the window saying that “Please connect i-Device to PC using USB cable”

First you can check your cable and confirm that it is working fine. Broken cable may not be working well. [Connection reminder massage may not appear this time]

If you are satisfy with the USB cable then let’s try other option. You may see interchanging windows and here you can click on “Try to fix Driver and connect click to repair driver”

Now it will get you for this window and here you can do driver repair easily. You just have to continue all.

Click on Repair Driver, It will download and install necessary drivers and install. Leave it to finish the process without disturbances. 

Now it will start to download drivers and then let it to repair and install missing drivers.

Finally you will get complete massage, then confirm it and re-plug i-device.

Mostly this will resolve your problems and make sure your iTune is working fine.

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