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3uTools is a complete solution to unlock the full potential of your iPhone 11. It perfectly works on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max The tool provides a number of features to enhance your experience with your device. 3utools can help you with any of your needs, including jailbreaking your device, managing files, installing new apps, and backing up your data. More importantly, it is a completely free tool to use for your iPhone. 

In this blog post, we will look at some of the key features of 3uTools and how can you use it to expand the functionality of your iPhone.

3uTools – features 

Easy and intelligent jailbreaking tool

Jailbreaking is the main functionality of 3uTools. 3uTools is a safe option to jailbreak your iPhone 11 with ease. The one click jailbreak process is too fast and easy to understand. Jailbreaking gives you full access to your iPhone file system ,allowing you to modify your device in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

You can download unauthorised apps, tweaks and modifications on your jailbroken device. 3uTools can quickly identify the available firmware of your iPhone and jailbreak it accordingly.

Manage iOS files 

3uTools is said to be the most efficient iOS file manager. Transferring files between  your iPhone 11 and your PC is dead easy. 3uTools lets you effortlessly manage a variety of files including documents, music photos, video etc

Data backup and restore 

3uTools provides a smart data backup solution for your iPhone 11. When your device is lost or damaged or you have mistakenly deleted any important data on the device, 3uTools back up function is very useful to save your important data and files.  You can quickly backup most of the data and files on your device and restore them when you need. 3uTools makes it easy to back up all your important data including photos, apps, documents, contacts, messages, music , video  and many more. You can backup all files at once or selected files using the customised backup option.

View different statuses 

3uTools allows you to view different statuses of your iPhone. The statuses that you can view includes Battery lifetime, model number,serial number, iOS version, storage capacity. Simply download 3uTools  on your Windows computer, launch 3uTools and connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Now all these important statuses of your iPhone could be viewed on the 3uTools interface.

Virtual location 

The virtual location function of 3uTools allows you to stimulate your location anywhere in the world.  When you play a location based game or if you want to access geo restricted apps or websites, the location spoof function of 3uTools is very useful. The virtual location feature of 3uTools perfectly works on iPhone. You can set your iPhone location to wherever you want following a simple procedure.

3uTools detailed report 

You can get a detailed report on different software and hardware specifications of your iPhone 11using 3uTools. The report includes all the key information on your iOS device including jailbreaking status, battery, memory space and many more. From a 3uTools report, you can identify if different hardware parts of your iDevice are replaced or not. Additionally , 3uTools can diagnose the technical faults and issues of your iPhone.

This feature of 3uTools is very useful to make sure whether your iPhone is a stolen one or an assembled one. This is very useful when you buy a second hand Device.

Garbage Clean up

 Garbage cleaning is another valuable function of 3uTools. This option is used to remove unwanted stuff on your iPhone to free up the storage space. it also improves the performance of the device. 3uTools can scan and remove many types of junk files including app caches, downloaded files and many others. This feature is very useful to speed up your iPhone and improve the overall performance of the device.

Many other useful features

Apart from above, 3uTools delivers many other valuable features like make ringtones, compress photos, import video, stop iOS update, real time log, open SSH etc.

All these brilliant features make 3uTools a perfect all in one tool for iOS users.

How to use 3uTools for iPhone 11

You need the following things to use 3uTools for your iPhone. 

  1. iPhone
  2. Windows PC or Laptop
  3. USB cable
  4. Decent internet connection.

Then follow below simple steps to get 3uTools on your iPhone  

  1. First you need to download and install the 3uTools installation package on your PC or Laptop. 
  2. You can safely download 3uTools from our download page >> 3uTools Free download
  3. Once you have downloaded and installed 3uTools  on your PC, click on the 3uTools app icon on the desktop of the PC to launch the app. 
  4. Connect your iPhone to PC following the reminder.
  5. If the connection is successful, you can see the 3uTools dashboard on your PC and do whatever you want to do with 3uTools.

In the end, 3uTools is a must-have app for iPhone 11 users who want to take full control of their device. With its full set of features, it can quickly  jailbreak, install apps, back up your data, manage your files, and improve the performance of your device. 3uTools is undoubtedly a cost effective option which offers a range of useful features to manage your iPhone for absolutely no cost. So why not download 3uTools right now and start using all of its great features?

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