Device information with 3utools 2023

As it says All in One Tools the 3utools is much popular software among i-Phone users. You can customize your iphone easily with 3utools without Jailbreak. But if you want to Jailbreak your device, 3utools also provide Jailbreak option to you. All these options are free to you because 3utools team still offers these options for free.  Also you can check device information with 3utools easily. As you connect your device to the 3utools, it displays device information and you can obtain verification report readily.

Check iDevice information with 3utools 2023

  • Device information is useful to everyone to know about your device in related to the privacy. 3utools display these details on its main window, as you connect the device to it. [So you do not need check About section on your device [Settings  > General > About]  to check its information and 3utools reveal more details for you.]
  • Then Click on View iDevice Details
  • Here you can see all important information about your iPhone.  Jailbreak status, Activated, Product type, Sales Model, IMEI, Serial No, Apple iD lock, iCloud, Prod Date, Warranty Date, CPU, Disk Type, Charge times, Battery life….

Review iPhone battery with 3utools 2023

  • Click on Details along with Battery Life section

View iDevice report with 3utools

If you are using new device you may not be worry about device information and all the things seem to be normal.

But if you are to buy a second hand iPhone, these information are very important.  Because there is always the risk that seller stole or assembled the i-Phone. So in such case you can have a verification report from 3uTools and you can check whether your i-device is stolen or assembled one or worth for the price.

How to get idevice report with 3utools?

  • Click on view i-device report as follows

3utools lists software and hardware information of your device like: Device model, Color, Hard disk capacity, Sales model, Area, Wi-Fi Address, Bluetooth address, Cellular address, Serial number, Main serial number, Battery serial number, Camera serial number, Screen serial number

You can have a fine report if the device is in good condition and you can verify the device using this report.  Also it will tell you if there are any disassemble, Change in main board or hard disk…

In this way you can evaluate the device accurately. 

 3utools release its updates regularly. So if you are using 3utools keep it up date to have its optimal function. As well as you are able to download latest version here: Download 3utools

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